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I am new to LancerMail, and am unfamiliar with some of the features. Is there a walkthrough on how to navigate the new interface?

Please refer to this "Navigating Gmail" guide to learn about the basics of your new email:

I prefer to use my existing email address and would rather have all LancerMail correspondences forwarded to my preferred email. How do I set up email forwarding?

You will need to make this change through the settings in LancerMail; please refer to this helpful step-by-step guide provided by Google:

I would like to set up my LancerMail account on my smart phone. How can I do this?

Before you setup LancerMail on your phone it's important that you reset your LancerPoint password. You can do this by visiting the LancerPoint Account Manager and selecting "Reset my password". This will allow LancerMail (google mail) to sync up with your smartphone. You may reset to your existing password, it's just important that you reset.

Please refer to and click on the "Mobile" option located under the "Learn More" heading. You will then be able to select your mobile device (Android, iPhone, etc.) and view the guide for your smartphone.